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GPX Kranj eng 2024

GPX Kranj slo 2024

50 m

Reference is made to the qualification procedure for the Olympic Games of Paris 2024.


We have the pleasure to inform you that World Aquatics has approved the following competition(s) as meet(s) where swimmers can achieve the standard entry times – Olympic Qualification Time (OQT) and Olympic Consideration Time (OCT) – for the Olympic Games of Paris 2024.

  • Grand Prix Kranj 2024 – 01-02 Jun 24 – Kranj (SLO) – Tier 4*

* The results will only be taken into consideration if these results confirm the participation of swimmers from other Members in addition to the host Member.


Please note:

  • A full roster of technical officials shall be submitted prior to the competition;
  • Member Federation / Organiser must send the official results to the World Aquatics Office at within forty-eight (48) hours after the conclusion of the competition;
  • Time trials may only be held in exceptional circumstances details of which shall be sent to the World Aquatics office as soon as the circumstances are known and before the time trial takes place at the event. Upon receipt of this information, the World Aquatics office will confirm if the time trial is approved for qualification purposes. Mixed gender trials are not permitted; and
  • If there are any exceptional circumstances that impact the delivery of the event (e.g. significant delay, last-minute change of venue, etc.), a full report should be sent to the World Aquatics office within twenty-four (24) hours of such event.
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